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Please click on the above names of Carolena and Kajira to read about Arikah's improvisational teachers.

   Arikah Peacock has been teaching WorldDance in her community for 22 years.  She is certified by Kajira Djoumahna in the BlackSheep Dance Company format as a Level 3 teacher and is a recognized Satellite School and BlackSheep member.  She is certified by Carolena Nericcio in the FatChance BellyDance® format and is a recognized Sister Studio®.   Arikah offers Teacher Trainings at her school, Ees'aBella World Dance, in her format. Arikah was certified by Zoe Jakes in her Key of Diamonds and Spades DanceCraft Training and is working towards her next Key which is Clubs. She has earned a certificate from Amy Sigil's "S.I.G.I.L." training. She is also training in the Salimpour School from Berkley, CA and has earned her S1 and J1. Arikah is certified as a Reiki Master Teacher, a Health Care Practitioner, and Body Artist.  Arikah apprenticed at Tantric Tattoo and worked there intermittently for 20 years and worked in several Tattoo shops such as the Body Shop in Springfield, IL.  She has pierced for several decades with good reviews and has multiple portfolios.  Arikah has trained with Lori Linzmier (Foxy McSugah) and is offering Tooth Gems® in studio! Tooth Gems® is a registered trademark and should not be practiced by anyone without training through the Franchisor, Lori Linzmier. Arikah has a BA in History and will be continuing her education, next wanting to earn her MBA.  She has published articles in Belly Dance periodicals such as fuse Jareeda, and Zaghareet!.  She offers Belly and World Dance for a college credit at Richland Community College.  Arikah is the creative director of Ees’aBella World Dance Company and owner of Decatur Body Art where she has created unique, lifelong, and healthy relationships.  Decatur Body Art, and Ees'aBella World Dance Company were sponsors and hosts of an annual event called Bellies for Bellies featuring different styles of World Dance and other genres of movement where proceeds went to a local food pantry and By Grace Orphan and Disabled Centre in Nairobi, Kenya where Arikah has done volunteer work with the children. The event lasted 10 years.  (See Bellies for Bellies in links above)  

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The Madame Hattress

Body Adornment by Arikah Peacock Owner of Decatur Body Art and Ees'aBella BellyDance Get your bling on!

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