Reiki Treatments and Appointments:

 Arikah Peacock, Amira, and Lee are all Reiki Practitioners.  Arikah is a Master Reiki Teacher and Practitioner and Amira and Lee hold a Level two degree and can administer Reiki to other people.  Arikah teaches three degrees in which one may be certified.  Arikah is certified by Carol Joy Bennett in the Usui tradition.  Reiki seminars are held at the studio often or per student request.  Please contact us for more information.

Benefits of receiving Reiki treatments are reduction of depression, pain, anger, and anxiety.  It can lower coritsol levels and stress hormones.  Reiki, Kundalini Healing, and Shiatsu are offered by appointment only. 

Menu pricing:

30min  $30

60min  $75

90min $110

Shiatsu upgrade: $10 additional charge per session chosen (recommended)

Hot stone upgrade: $10

Hot towel upgrade: $10

Who is this for?

All people, pregnant, prenatal, postnatal, infants, animals, seniors, atheletes, and YOU!

There are no Reiki Appointments or Seminars scheduled at this time.  If you are interested in receiving your First Degree Reiki training or continuing your education in your previous trainings, please contact Arikah Peacock at 217-917-2359. 

Reiki Practitioners are now Arikah's students and we can direct you to them for services in our studios.